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Mary Modern is a welcoming, inclusive, and safe cannabis dispensary offering carefully curated, luxury cannabis, CBD, and wellness products specifically catered to women and their allies. In addition to an eye-catching dispensary, Mary Modern will host guest speakers, authors, experts, artists, chefs, botanists, and herbalists to join us in offering educational, fun classes and pop-up events in our lovely patio garden.

Our first location will be in Laurel Heights at 2845 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118.

Our second location will open in Bernal Heights at 317 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110.

Our team is a mix of longtime cannabis consumers with years of operational experience in the industry and individuals who sought out cannabis later in life to treat ailments like chronic pain and sleep disorders. We share a common desire to create a safe space that reflects diversifying cannabis consumers and where people can receive reliable information on products and usage.

We anticipate opening our first Geary location around April 2022.

Our hours of operation will be within 9 am - 9 pm per City regulations. 

Mary Modern’s storefront will be roughly 1,000 square feet.

Mary Modern recognizes that maintaining the safety and vitality of the neighborhood is of utmost importance. We will have a security officer on-site during all hours of operation who will secure our premises up to 50 feet from any public entrance and exit, and will prohibit loitering, double-parking, littering, and other potential disturbances to the neighborhood. We will also provide outside lighting in a manner that illuminates the outside street and sidewalk areas and adjacent parking, as appropriate. Please refer to our Good Neighbor Policy for the Laurel Heights and Bernal Heights neighborhoods to see a comprehensive list of our security measures.

We will have a security guard present during all hours of operation who will prohibit double-parking, and we will encourage patrons to utilize public transit, bicycles, rideshares, and other forms of alternative transportation in our marketing and communications, including on our website.

We recognize that odorous emissions can be a nuisance to our neighbors, as well as our employees, operators, and other staff that work on-site. We will maintain clean air policies pursuant to 1618 (v.) to provide adequate and appropriate ventilation to prevent any significant noxious or offensive odors from escaping the premises.

Mary Modern will offer a wide range of state-approved high quality THC and CBD-based products including: flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures, pet friendly products, and health and wellness products.

We have drafted a Good Neighbor Policy that outlines our commitments to the Laurel Heights and Bernal Heights neighborhoods and are currently seeking input from neighbors.

In addition to the mandatory good neighbor conditions for cannabis business permit holders, Mary Modern will:

  • offer discounts to patrons 55 years or older and to current cancer patients (documentation required).
  • offer free event space rental to nonprofits, community benefits organizations, and neighborhood groups for meetings, and other special events.
  • offer an array of educational workshops on health and wellness

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2845 Geary Blvd. 

San Francisco, CA 94118

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